Cliché Alert: Country mouse vs the world

Welcome to Teacup and Mouse, the internet home of Emily. I grew up a country mouse with big dreams. So far, so cliché.

I like to write. I like to travel (with a capital T). I live in London, just like 9 million or so others and a million other aspiring writers. I work a workaday day job and continue to dream. I bet everyone says that.

Why keep reading? Why write post #2?

Because I know I’m not the only one trying to figure it all out.

Because I’m not the only one wanting to to see the world, to to have big adventures in far-flung places and experience the every-day journey.

Because I know a passion for writing isn’t unique. I’m not the only one with that desire to write stories, books, novels from far-away places, my city, my train.

Because I’m not a know-it-all but I want to know what’s possible and then go, do and make. I’m on an odyssey.

Join me, will you?


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