Let’s Photograph… something…. anything….

When I posted about learning to use my new camera, it was with the intention of actually using it. I am sorry to say that since coming back from Edinburgh, with the exception of one 10 minute excursion, my amazing, new camera has sat in it’s case, in the house.


I’m still reading about the menus and settings and ISO and shutter speed. This is the only photo (the book cover for my as-yet-unwritten novel). Silly me.

In the next month (in addition to Nanowrimo) I will:

1. Take the camera out of the house
2. Take photos along the river near my flat.
3. Go for a stroll along the South Bank (cheesy, but one of my favourite places)
3. Go somewhere new and take photos.

I’ll report back next month. Over and out.


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