Have I photographed? Last month’s goals.

So to recap, I bought a new camera and then ignored it for the better part of 4 months. In order to remedy this sorry state of affairs (and to prevent myself from going into winter hibernation), I set myself some goals.

1. Take the camera out of the house
2. Take photos along the river near my flat.
3. Go for a stroll along the South Bank
4. Go somewhere new and take photos.

It took a bit more than a month to achieve all four, but I did, finally.

1. I took the camera out of the house, more than once, sometimes just taking it for a walk, but other times I did actually take some photos.


2. I took a few photos of the river near my flat. Winter isn’t the best time to take photos (another point scored for my ability to plan ahead), but we got lucky and had a really nice, sunny late autumn day.


3. Then, we went to a few exhibitions: Cosmonauts at the Science Museum and then Crime Museum Uncovered at the Museum of London. The second exhibition necessitated a walk along the South Bank.



And required waiting at Clapham to see a steam train.


4. So, I didn’t go anywhere completely brand new. I did go back to Brighton briefly and saw something new to me: a stormy sea.



And made a new friend at the train station.



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