A day out in my Neighbourhood: Barnes, London

One thing I really love about London is there is history everywhere you look and pockets of almost-hidden things to do. For the Scot’s birthday, we discovered some history in our neighbourhood and went back to one of my favourite places in the city to get a little fresh air and some peace.

In my most recent foray into Social Media, I discovered one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. If you’re marginally interested in London history, ghost stories or you-couldn’t-make-this-up tales of things you might walk by every day Flickering Lamps is a must-read. This post on an old, hidden cemetery in Barnes inspired us to explore it ourselves.


It was quiet and overgrown and everything I love about old cemeteries.


It was full of images and stories from lives that I would love to know about.


Then, we visited the London Wetland Centre.


We saw the resident otters.


And I made some new friends.


I had a conversation with this guy. He pulls the same face the Scot makes at me when I talk to him.



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