Emerald street literary festival

Oh so where do I start? It was an unexpected but very welcome text from a friend with an invitation to go to a literary festival. I had no plans. I like books. It’s fun to spend time with friends. However, it ended up being way more than that; it was inspiring.

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Photo story: An abandoned, Bulgarian ski lift and the edge of an abyss

I picked this photo to write about some weeks ago. I’ve always loved this photo for its composition and the memory of the peaceful quiet and diffused light from the snow on the side of Mount Vitosha in Bulgaria. After the events of last week, it feels particularly apt.

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10 days in Holland: an Itinerary

What started as a lunch-time read about an exhibition on Hieronymus Bosch evolved into a 10 day, multi city Dutch adventure. Right before we left, I was very, very excited and told everyone a few co-workers about our trip. They were bemused at the crazy American chatting away in the lift again, confused that we weren’t flying and surprised we decided to go to Holland for so long and explore outside of Amsterdam. So, can you have a great holiday in Holland beyond a city break to Amsterdam?

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A day out in my Neighbourhood: Barnes, London

One thing I really love about London is there is history everywhere you look and pockets of almost-hidden things to do. For the Scot’s birthday, we discovered some history in our neighbourhood and went back to one of my favourite places in the city to get a little fresh air and some peace.

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London at night

An anniversary and an accidental photo

It’s been seven years this month since I moved to London from my little (cheap) studio apartment in Pittsburgh.  It’s an anniversary that is getting scarily close to double digits. I found a photo I took on Waterloo bridge, about a year after I moved, and I feel a very strange sensation.

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A weekend in Edam: Some Holiday Snaps

After a mere 5 days in Amsterdam, we headed off on a local bus to Edam. Not to put too fine a point on it, the hotels in Amsterdam for Easter weekend were too expensive. We decided on a whim, booked a hotel that looked a bit like a ginger bread house and hoped for the best. It turned out to be a highlight of the holiday.

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Nanowrimo: My writing process

While chatting to a friend and fellow aspiring novelist, she obviously asked me how the writing is going. I answered “I’m theoretically working on it.” It was a vague and slightly lazy answer in which I admit a certain level of procrastination and also acceptance that for me, writing is 80% thinking about it and 20% putting words onto the page.

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