By plane, car and ferry: A weekend in Islay, Scotland 

A few weekends ago, after some amazing organisation and honest-to-goodness research scoping out the place (and its whisky) by a friend of ours, we arrived in the Outer Hebrides, Islay, off the West Coast of Scotland. It only involved a plane from London to Glasgow, a 2 hour car ride, 2 hour ferry and another drive to get somewhere where there really isn’t a whole lot. But that’s sort of the point isn’t it? I went, I loved it and I would do it again. You’ve got to be careful with the ferry though or rather be mindful of the potential for high winds. Our trip almost ended up like a drunken episode of Gilligan’s Island.

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Elie Seaside

Out of Edinburgh and into Fife: a day trip

Edinburgh seems to be well and truly pinned on the tourist trail judging solely by the number of American accents I heard and the large number of people permanently taking selfies in front of the Elephant Cafe (where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, apparently). Do many people venture outside of Edinburgh when they visit?

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5 Highlights from Edinburgh

I absolutely adore Edinburgh (and to keep my conscience clear, I love Glasgow too). Edinburgh is a unique city in the UK, and would be hard to rival in any country with its wynds and hills and castle. We (the Scot and my parents) caught a train to Edinburgh (first class!) to show my parents a bit more of the UK.

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