How to be Both: book review and Ferrara, Italy

It’s no lie that one of my favourite days of the month (other than pay day) is book club day. We meet at a really nice pub, have a drink and talk about a book. What could be better?

One of the last books we read was How to Be Both by Ali Smith. I’ve been trying to write a synopsis and I can’t really. I’m not 100% sure what happened. I don’t know who was a girl or who was a boy. I can’t decide if it was all just a cheap trick or not. I wasn’t even sure when it ended due to both options (artist first vs girl first) being included in my Kindle version. What I can say is some of the description was fantastic, I fell in love with the artist (but it’s unrequited). I can also say with some certainty that the book was focused on a little northern Italian town called Ferrara.

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