Holiday snaps: Den Bosch, Holland

It’s been a mere 5 days since I got off the train at Kings Cross, arriving from Holland via Brussels (the changeover was interesting). I thought I would have made time (I only have myself and a VERY busy week to blame) to write a thoughtful post on how wonderful our holiday was, how much I love Holland and perhaps a thoughtful and intelligent review of the exhibition, Jheronimus Bosch – Visions of genius. In reality, I have just edited my photos from the first few days and now spring cleaning is under way with a vengeance. So here are some of my favourite photos and a big high five to myself for remaining committed to my new year’s goals!

As you can tell, we didn’t get the best weather, but I absolutely loved Den Bosch (or S’Hertogenbosch if you’re brave enough to try to say it!) It is a town with typical Dutch architecture but with a lovely character and a lot under the surface as well! From the canals nearly buried under the houses and the streets


to the sheer enthusiasm for their home town hero, Jheronimus Bosch, and their fantastic exhibition (which I think may be very sadly sold out now!).


There were banners hanging above the streets, stickers in shop windows, statues of Bosch’s monsters dotted around corners and peering into the canals and a permanent status of the man, himself.


And in the Bosch Art Centre


There’s the market with a dizzying variety of items, including more cheese than even I could eat in one go.


On our last day, we climbed the church of St John and met new friends in the moss-covered gargoyles.



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