Daytrip to the Seaside: Whitstable

Hosting the Scot’s parents for a week usually means many things: family time, new stories about the hijinks of the dog, nice meals, getting a little bit spoiled. This time we decided to escape the city on a day trip to the seaside town of Whitstable.

Just an hour or so’s train journey from London Victoria or King’s Cross takes you a world away from the busy, polluted London streets to the quaint village of Whitstable with its harbour, cafes, castle and of course, the sea.


We spent a lot of time walking along the harbour and the sea, looking at the houses and beach huts and funny dogs.



We walked along the high street and investigated a local cafe and window shopped in the boutiques. (I found my dream kitchen table but finances and space don’t allow me to get it just yet!) It’s full of nicely kept, wonky old buildings and despite trying to escape from the London, it has a definite air of city-funded affluence.


Toward the end of the afternoon, we were forced (kicking and screaming of course!) into a pub to take shelter from a storm which thankfully had more bark (or thunder) than bite. We were rewarded for preservering with a beautiful sunset and treated ourselves to a lovely dinner before getting the train back to the big city.


Bonus point: Can anyone identify what this is? It was stuck to a rock and slightly soft to the touch (not rock-like). However, if it’s something gross, please don’t tell me. I’d be happier not knowing.



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