New(ish) Year Resolutions

So, I took a break for a bit. Some might ask a break from what? I have really only just started writing this little bit of the ‘blogosphere’. The part of me that  feels a need to justify myself would say I took some time out to re-prioritise. The honest part of me admits this was a bit of an excuse, but a useful one nonetheless. The organised, driven part of me knows from NaNoWriMo 2015 that sharing goals creates a structure to achieve what I’d like to or to get closer. It creates accountability. Hopefully, and most importantly, sharing my goals will help me to create.

Firstly, I want to write more. Taking a break from the blog showed me that I didn’t have more time to write or do things that I wanted to focus on, I just didn’t do much of anything. I think it comes back to that structure thing. I also think it comes down to the old adage that if you want something done – ask a busy person. In reality, I only have myself to blame (and our new TV subscription) for powering through all of Fortitude, 3 seasons of Boardwalk Empire and 2 of Mad Men. (All fantastic. Watch them, after you’ve done what you’re supposed to of course.)

  • Post at least weekly, every week until we welcome in 2017

Obviously, every writer would like someone to read what they write. (Yes, I am calling myself a writer which is achievement 1 of 2016) While I’m waiting to be discovered (and existing in the modern world), I want to figure out what all the fuss is about social media. Is it really that useful? Is there an element to it that is still about honest connections and sharing from the ‘little guy’ or is it just all corporate advertising in the friendly disguise of a cute screen name?

  • Use Instagram, Pinterest regularly. These are the ones I like and would like to gain more expertise    using. Learn about that Twitter thing. The bird is cute

Naturally, while I’m waiting to be discovered as the next great American author, or whatever, I will need to actually write that novel. You don’t win Nobel prizes in literature with some notes on a napkin! I wrote a novel in November and it is now turning into a bit of a monster with two new story lines to add to the fairly horrific plothole-ridden mess. It’s also my baby and I want to get it into a decent state to start a new one in November. I also have a few short-story ideas. I do like short stories.

  • Finish 1st draft of my novel, polish off my first short story, write at least 1 additional short story

Writing is one thing, writing well is another. Practice makes better, but so does some study. I bought a few highly recommended books on editing and on grammar etc. I want to be confident in my natural tendencies towards grammar pedantry.

  • Study language, editing. Build technical skills

To illustrate the posts and populate all that social media, I want to take more photos and continue learning to use my new camera. I want to take more film photos too (Blast you high developing costs!) This may also necessitate going to new places, a few holidays.

  • Take more photos! Take my camera out of the cupboard

That’s probably enough to keep me busy in addition to the regular resolutions that everyone makes, every year: life, love and the pursuit of happiness, exercise more, eat better (Read: try new foods.) Don’t let the woes of the human condition overwhelm me. Be happier and more well-adjusted as a human being. Keep busy, but not too busy.

The next step is to do it! Probably by buying more index cards or Post its and trying to make a plan (or at least satiate my undying love of stationary).


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